POSTED ON November 17, 2020

The Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP, and the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Hon Ben Morton MP, have officially opened Innovaero Technologies’ (Innovaero) new modern manufacturing premises.  Located in Kardinya, Western Australia, Innovaero confirmed their official entrance into the Australian Defence Industry, with the launch of their purpose-built Defence sovereign manufacturing facility and the unveiling of their 100% Australian-made Maritime Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS), the Innovaero Fox. The new manufacturing premises was specifically designed to facilitate the production of Fox, which is the culmination of over two years of privately funded research, development and innovation.

Established a decade ago, Innovaero is a 100% Australian operation that delivers innovative aeronautical design, certification and manufacturing.  The opening of Innovaero’s new modern manufacturing premises with its state-of-the-art workshop equipment and security initiatives heralds a new era for sovereign maritime and land surveillance capabilities through Innovaero’s CASA certified, multi-award winning and world leading aerial platforms and sensors.  Australian Defence Industry Export Advocate, the Hon David Johnston, welcomed Innovaero’s official arrival into the Australian Defence Industry, “Innovaero is an outstanding Australian innovation and export success story and we welcome their entry into our dynamic and globally renowned Industry with their sovereign industrial and manufacturing capability.”

Located on both the West and East Coast of Australia, the Innovaero team provides end-to-end sovereign industrial capability including product design, certification, manufacturing, as well as systems integration and support services.  These globally proven sovereign capabilities will enhance the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) national maritime domain capability, training system development, Combat Management System integration and payload development.

Innovaero’s innovative designs, ground-breaking technologies and multidisciplinary expertise have established a unique place in the field of aerial imagery with technical partnerships that have a proven track record of delivering world-class outcomes for clients in Australia and the United States.  Mr Mike von Bertouch, Managing Director of Innovaero said, that “In addition to our ongoing export sales to the United States, the Innovaero Technologies group of companies has proudly delivered a range of innovative sovereign capabilities for Australia’s Special Operation Command (SOCOM) on both the West and East Coasts of Australia.  We are proud to now offer the ADF both sovereign innovative design and industrial manufacturing capability in our new premises.”

Identifying a sovereign capability gap, Innovaero Fox has been purpose-built in response to the Navy’s call for a new generation of Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and targeting capability for Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships. The 100% Australian-owned, designed and developed Fox will be officially launched at the Avalon Airshow between 23-28 November 2021. Innovaero is looking at a much broader market than just Australia, with significant export opportunity for the next-generation low-observable Fox platform.

Innovaero’s work has been nationally recognised by Aerospace Australia at Avalon 2019 and  Engineers Australia on multiple occasions.  Their multiple CASA approvals will soon be complemented by their AS9100 and Defence Industry Security Program ( DISP ) certifications, which are in the final stages of completion.

In addition to their sovereign industrial manufacturing capability and work with the Center for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC), Innovaero’s extensive supply chain includes over 30 Australian service and manufacturing vendors, that cover both the East and West Coasts of Australia.  “Innovaero’s Australian supply chain and commitment to securing local regional jobs is to be commended.  We are delighted to see an Australian Defence SME invest in critical modern manufacturing capability right here in Kardinya” said Innovaero’s local Federal Member for Tangney, the Hon Ben Morton MP.

A proud signatory to the Prime Minister’s Veteran’s Employment Commitment initiative, Innovaero is firmly committed to delivering veteran employment opportunities, with their 25-person strong team proudly including five (5) Australian veterans, with the company planning to expand their team going forward.

As a participant in the Defence Industry Internship Program (DIIP), Innovaero welcomed Minister Price’s announcement last week of additional Government funding for the Program, and looks forward to welcoming their own student from the University of Western Australia, to provide them with a taste of the exciting careers available in the defence industry. “We are honoured to provide opportunities for local engineering students to experience what a career in the defence industry can entail and are proud to provide training and skilling opportunities, not only for for those students, but for all of our Innovaero team members as well,’ said Innovaero Group CEO, Mr Simon Grosser.

Innovaero’s, innovative design, ground-breaking technology and commitment to Australian industry content, has caught the eye of several of the Prime System Integrators and Innovaero is now collaborating with experienced ADF suppliers to deliver world-leading sovereign capability through their new Kardinya premises.

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