Spookfish (now EagleView Australia) is an industry-leading company featuring a radical new camera design and system developed by the team at Innovaero.

What sets the Spookfish system apart from other systems on the market is its ability to capture ultra-high resolution imagery from altitudes far greater than any other camera system such as those from Visionmap, Ultracam, nearmap and others.

Spookfish makes previously inaccessible, high-resolution aerial imagery available to SMEs alongside Governments, large enterprises and developers at an affordable cost, and is now used throughout Australia and the US.


The Spookfish system is unique in that its camera system design represents a quantum leap in technology, with its ability to cover more ground, and capture more information at a higher quality than previously possible.


A bespoke optic and sensor packaging design was developed to enable wide coverage from a practical form factor, alongside a complex control system to integrate the levels of stability required for image clarity.

In addition, we developed a groundbreaking structural and systems design in order to build camera pods which oer virtually no aerodynamic restrictions to the aircraft using them.

Our camera’s final design allows them to function reliably throughout the operation envelope, protected from the elements, and stable at all altitudes.


Spookfish perfectly demonstrates the level of world-class capabilities, knowledge and skill levels here at Innovaero. The engineering capabilities needed to build technologies at this scale, and to bring this from concept, to design and development, then commercialisation within just two years, is almost unheard of within this industry.

We are proud of the asset this technology has become to Australian – and now international – businesses and organisations. The process of developing and commercialising Spookfish, allowed our team to demonstrate and prove our capabilities as one of Australia’s leading aeronautical product development and manufacturing companies.