Innovaero Fox

Innovaero FOX is a Maritime Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS) with unique characteristics and capabilities, developed by 5DSystems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovaero Technologies.

Specifications for Innovaero FOX have been designed around the specific requirements of ADF programs, and to meet clear capability gaps in the current UAV market.

  • Versatile 100% Australian sovereign platform that can incorporate a larger payload for longer range than any other platform currently available in the market
  • Open architecture – designed to carry bespoke sensor systems developed by Innovaero, as well as third party systems
  • Blended Wing Body – based on Innovaero flight sciences expertise and demonstrable capability in “large” BWB unmanned systems
  • VTOL and CTOL variants – with 90% commonality between airframes
  • Low observability – acoustic, thermal, radar, emissions
  • Modular redundant power plant arrangement – twin engine LRU propulsion module, with future options for hybrid IC + electric and IC + turbine combinations
  • Efficient operations – very low staffing required for operation, cf “similiar” systems – standard 20ft container and 463L transportable; modularity for rapid equipment replacement/reconfiguration