Innovaero has a broad range of equipment that allows all manufacturing that is approved to be performed onsite.

Manufacturing capabilities:

  • CNC machining
  • Sheet metal bending & pressing
  • Manual milling & turning
  • Surface grinding
  • Hot-dimpling
  • Electrical loom assembly
  • Control cable assembly
  • Electrical/electronic device assembly
  • Tow-preg filament winding and curing

Part inspection and testing capabilities:

  • Portable arm CMM
  • Universal Testing Machine for physical tension, compression and shear measurement
  • Environmental conditioning and testing
  • Noise and vibration measurement using a variety of acceleration, force and pressure sensors
  • 853/25.853 vertical burn testing
  • Signal and power measurement and data logging
  • Strain-gauge measurement
  • Surface coating film thickness measurement
  • Material hardness measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement

Flight test equipment:

  • Air-data boom with speed, altitude, temperature pitch and yaw channels
  • Multi-channel data recorder with integrated Inertial Navigation System for air-data, 6-DOF position/velocity/acceleration, engine, fuel flow, control position and control force data
  • Platform scales for aircraft up to 10,000lbs
  • Jack scales for aircraft up to 15,000lbs

CAE tools: (more on these in Design)

  • PTC Creo
  • PTC Simulate
  • Altium
  • VeSys
  • Mathcad
  • Matlab & Simulink
  • Labview
  • xFlow & XFLR5
  • DesignDataManager