Leading the industry in aeronautical product
development and manufacturing

Our award-winning team at Innovaero have world-class capabilities when it comes to innovative designs, ground-breaking technologies and multidisciplinary expertise. Providing a complete range of product design, certification and manufacturing services for the aviation industry and beyond, you can rely on us to deliver what you need to take you into the future.


Harmonising people, technology and challenges to contribute to a better global community:

  • Technology-enabled leaders who define the future, with deep respect for the past
  • Constant focus on innovation and excellence
  • Astute engineering, evident in simplicity, not complexity
  • Growth and sustainability always stepping hand-in-hand


  • Deliver the ultimate client experience through innovative design, engineering, solutions and service
  • Own and control our core technologies, and help clients leverage their technologies
  • Participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution and add value
  • Selectively commit only to projects where delivery on all objectives can be assured without compromise


  • Constant focus on innovation and excellence – complacency is never adequate
  • Team achievement – an absolute foundation required for individual passion and commitment to flourish
  • Personal achievement – by training and preparing our staff well for their next job we make sure we provide an environment they don’t want to leave
  • Education – we learn from, and contribute to, the knowledge and experiences of all stakeholders and the community in which we exist
  • Inclusiveness – we acknowledge and respect the contribution that every individual, every team, every vendor, every client and surrounding community make in engaging with us that forms the fabric defining our uniqueness
  • Be the quiet achiever in the room – celebrate our success but always keep our eye on tomorrow, not spruik the glory of yesterday

For all our people, these values are in our DNA, enabling Innovaero to prosper.