It’s in our DNA…

The key staff of Innovaero have not only experience in aviation but importantly the broader world of non-aviation product development and commercialisation in a variety of industries. The passion for design and the creative aspects of product development are what make our engineering team want to come to work each day.

It is well understood that only a small proportion of all engineers are genuinely good at design and we fortunately have cultivated an impressive talent pool over the past decade. Developing a stand-out design team takes time, commitment, action and continuous refinement; something Innovaero pursues with absolute determination.

The results of this talent pool is self-evident: two world class camera systems for two different clients, a world-class military UAS and numerous industry and peer awards.

Its also in the DNA of our partners. Momentum Aeronautics and Thomson Design are both accomplished design organisations with key staff that have an impressive demonstrable design track record.

Computer-Aided Engineering infrastructure 

To assist in executing the design process as effectively as possible Innovaero takes advantage of technology where it can and is appropriate.

Innovaero is a genuine multi-CAD organization with PTC Creo (mechanical design), Altium (electronic design) and VeSys (harness design) as our main tools of the trade. However we are also happy to work with you using CATIA and Solid Works as required.

Innovaero maintains an extremely large parts library with all common (and uncommon) AN, MS, NAS and SAE hardware standards which is an invaluable resource in the design process.

A wide range of analysis tools are used to support design:

  • Creo Simulate for structural static, dynamic and thermal modelling, and mechanism modelling
  • Ansys available for more complex non-linear structures and materials as required
  • Mathcad for engineering analysis reports
  • Matlab and Simulink for data and systems analysis
  • XFLR5 for low-end computational fluid dynamics modelling of simple vehicles using vortex-lattice and panel methods for laminar incompressible analysis
  • xFlow for high-end computational fluid dynamics providing transient, turbulent and compressible flow modelling as well as unconstrained rigid-body motion – this is also suitable for multi-fluid analysis and modelling heat transfer through equipment
  • Labview and Signal Express for test data acquisition
  • PolyWorks for reverse engineering from our laser scanner and CMM equipment or other 3rd-party point-cloud data
  • Modalview for vibration testing and analysis

The best design in the world is useless without a good user documentation experience. In this regard high-quality hard-copy or ‘dumb’ electronic data is produced using Illustrator. Excitingly Innovaero is moving into the augmented-reality world with progressive rollout of new user experiences for product support data.

This technology is wrapped up in a Product Data Management system providing a range of access and configuration controls to the design process. This system allows data from across the enterprise with multiple sites to be accessible to all that require it. Importantly it ensures revision controls are robustly managed to ensure release of a coherent design configuration.