Design, Manufacturing and Overhaul Approvals

Innovaero is a proven world-class aeronautical product design, certification and manufacturing organisation with a track record delivering significant outcomes for clients in Australia and the United States.

Health Safety and Quality Policy


Innovaero performs both product design and product certification which require distinctly different technical expertise.

Product design requires a broad range of engineering disciplines encompassing mechanical, electrical, electronic, systems, materials and manufacturing. However this technical expertise alone is not sufficient; the ability to design outstanding new product requires that rare and ephemeral creative element – a characteristic that makes Innovaero’s design capability stand out from the crowd.

Certification activities are intricately woven through the design process to define compliance requirements then show compliance through analysis, systems testing, structural testing, environmental testing, flight testing and operational testing. All this is managed by the Innovaero team using a combination of internal resources and those of our global partners.

Design approvals available from within the team comprise:

  • CASR Part 21J Design Organisation Approval
  • CASR Part 21M approvals for minor and (with CASA’s consent) major changes
  • CASR Part 21E STC amendment approvals
  • FAA 8110-3 approvals for both minor and major changes to FAA-registered aircraft


Innovaero has extremely broad manufacturing approvals from CASA comprising both a CASR Part 21G Production Certificate and a CASR Part 21K Part Manufacturing Authority.

The CASR 21G production certificate approval covers a wide range of manufacturing activities including:

  • Metallic and plastic machined parts
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Aircraft control cables
  • Electrical harness assemblies
  • PCB assemblies
  • Vacuum-formed plastic parts
  • Composite parts; including wet layup, prepreg and filament winding processes

The CASR21K APMA products manufactured by Innovaero incorporate all the above processes plus high quality optical component manufacture and assembly.

Innovaero is able to perform First Article Inspections and minor amendments to the PMA data without CASA involvement. This allows amendments to the STC to seamlessly flow through to production in an extremely efficient manner. This significantly reduces the cost and time to get product changes into service, something increasingly important as more technology enters the aeronautical product domain.

The majority of product manufactured by Innovaero is proudly exported to the US and installed to N-registered aircraft under the Australia-US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement.


Innovaero has a CASA CAR 30 Certificate of Approval for component maintenance allowing the post-delivery overhaul and maintenance of equipment produced under the manufacturing approval. This allows more flexibility in providing product support services to clients.