InnovAero is a collaborative effort from two well established and leading consulting organisations; Structured Design and Thomson Design. InnovAero provides services in aeronautical product development and manufacturing, bringing together an extensive range of expertise and knowledge:

  • Our team has extensive product development experience across a broad range of industries – mining ventilation fans, explosives scanning for airports, industrial vehicle design, consumer goods design, airbourne sensor design for photography and mag-spec imaging and complete aircraft design, certification and manufacturing;
  • Our team with extensive product commercialisation experience taking a Client’s concept along the design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sales path;
  • Arguably Australia’s most capable aeronautical design team serving the GA, commercial/RPT and defence sectors: experience from approving a radio installation in a Tiger Moth through to design lead of the A400M wing for Airbus;
  • One of the few teams in Australia with aircraft production manufacturing expertise in-house with staff working in production engineering, production planning, production management and quality management across a number of companies in Australia and Europe, large and small.