Innovaero joins team Albatross in Darwin

POSTED ON March 9, 2022

Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI) and Innovaero Pty Ltd have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) to cooperate in establishing AAI’s Darwin Albatross G-111T aircraft factory as one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities.

AAI and Innovaero Pty Ltd made the announcement of the MOU while in Darwin for the announcement of the new Darwin Aerospace Manufacturing Precinct to be established at the Darwin International airport, where AAI will be the first tenant.

It is one of a number of MOUs that AAI is entering into with a series of Australian technology companies.

AAI CEO Dan Webster said the MOUs are an important first step in assembling the capability required.

“Aircraft manufacturing demands an extremely broad range of very specialised technologies, and we are very fortunate that some of the world’s most advanced providers like Innovaero are right here in Australia.”

“We see Innovaero as an important addition to the depth of engineering skills in Team Albatross and we are looking forward to working with them on the launch of the G-111T.”

Innovaero Group CEO Simon Grosser said the MOU would provide an opportunity for Innovaero to contribute to an innovative sovereign aircraft manufacturing capability in Australia.

“We are delighted to begin working with Amphibian Aerospace Industries on areas of mutual interest. I am very proud that as a wholly Australian-owned and operated company, Innovaero has been able to demonstrate a manufacturing capability across a broad range of aerospace disciplines” Grosser said.

AAI is in discussion with several other Australian companies with specialist expertise.

“AAI has always been committed to creating this new advanced manufacturing industry in Australia, for Australia and by Australia and we’re very excited about the capability we are assembling,” AAI CEO Dan Webster said.

Established over a decade ago, Innovaero is a 100% Australian specialist aerospace engineering company that delivers end-to-end innovative aeronautical design, certification and manufacturing services for the aviation industry.

Innovaero’s innovative designs, ground-breaking technologies and multidisciplinary expertise have established a unique place in the field of aerial imagery with technical partnerships that have a proven track record of delivering world-class outcomes for clients in Australia and the United States.