POSTED ON January 22, 2021

Innovaero is pleased to welcome Aviation Composites to the Innovaero Technologies Pty Ltd group of companies. The acquisition deal was signed last week, and there is now much to work through to effect the management changes in accordance with the relevant airworthiness regulations. These changes are expected to take up to three months to complete.

Innovaero has had a lengthy working relationship with Aviation Composites for the past decade. This has been a bilateral relationship where each has acted in both customer and supplier capacity.

Innovaero is on a steady decade-long growth trajectory, a journey from two (2) staff to the present thirty (30) not including Aviation Composites personnel. Innovaero has been quietly developing, certifying, manufacturing and exporting complex aeronautical products and has acquired an enormous breadth of in-house capability. Innovaero’s business is expanding with various new opportunities on the horizon both at home and abroad. Innovaero wholeheartedly welcomes Aviation Composites to the group and will provide additional support to enable Lindsay’s extraordinary team not only continue to deliver a first-class service, but add greater depth and breadth into the future.

It is essential to emphasise Aviation Composites will continue to operate as an independent business of Innovaero Technologies. There will be little change for customers other than having a broader range of design, manufacturing, and overhaul capability to deal with maintenance challenges and improve business effectiveness.

More information about Aviation Composites can be found on their website,

Finally, on a personal note, we wish to acknowledge the exemplary service to the aviation industry Lindsay Danes has provided, and the great business he has created through sheer hard work and determination. Lindsay and our Managing Director, Mike von Bertouch, have had a close association spanning almost 30 years since working together at Eagle Aircraft, and we genuinely wish him all the best in a well-earned and deserved retirement.

For further information, please contact: Simon Grosser, Group CEO, Innovaero Technologies, on mobile 0414 500 047 or email