Product Development

InnovAero’s team has extensive product development both within the industry and also in many other fields of human endeavour. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that fit your needs, utilising a range of technologies to deliver the best value solution. Many factors come into play here:

  • fit/form/functional requirements
  • weight
  • design & development cost
  • manufacturing cost
  • certification cost
  • aesthetics

The ‘Structured Design’ part of the InnovAero team have extensive product development expertise across a range of industries outside of the aeronautical field which combined with the ‘Thomson Design’ expertise have an enormous depth of experience to offer our clients.

Interesting product development programmes

  • Nearmap Ltd where our team developed and manufactured original airbourne camera systems used for the Australian Cities capture programme. These systems can still be seen flying out of airports around Australia attached to the side of Cessna 210 aircraft.
  • Spookfish Ltd where our team developed and manufacture the systems used on aircraft throughout Australia and the US. This design is certified with a CASA STC and a corresponding FAA Import STC and the manufacturing approved with an Australian Part Manufacturing Authority (APMA) which combined with the FAA design approval allows for Australian manufactured product to be shipped to the US for installation to aircraft there.
  • 5D Systems where our team provides the production design and manufacturing capability for a family of military unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Qantas Group where we are developing a range of replacement equipment and parts for their Fokker 100 fleet.
  • *Confidential* client with an interesting objective – set a world speed record for an ultralight aircraft. Our team worked through a range of design concepts and performed a feasibility study for an ultralight jet aircraft to set a world speed record in the FAI 300kg – 500kg class. The study defined a 350kg turbojet powered aircraft that could attain a speed slightly in excess of M1.05 in level flight during a short 16 minute sortie.