Part Manufacturing

InnovAero has a CASR21G (Production Certificate) and CASR21K (Part Manufacturing Authority). The PMA approval has as its design approval a CASA STC that the FAA has issued an Import STC. Significantly this allows InnovAero to issue a release certificate under the Australian-US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement allowing products to be shipped to the US for installation there.

The scope of InnovAero’s approval is very broad. InnovAero can manufacture modification, spares and replacement parts comprising any of the following:

  • sheet metal parts
  • machined plastic or metallic parts
  • fabric/tape composite parts (pre-preg and wet-layup)
  • filament-wound composite parts (tow-preg tubes, pressure vessels etc))
  • electronic circuit card assemblies
  • electrical looms and harnesses
  • aircraft control cables
  • thermo-formed plastic cabin interior parts

If required InnovAero can create the necessary design data and approve under our CASR 21M authorisation. This makes us a genuine one-stop-shop for all your modification/spares requirements.