Mod/Repair Design

Avionics Upgrades

This is one of the fundamental issues facing aircraft owners with the last decade seeing the introduction of EFIS avionics systems. We can approve avionics installations into VFR and IFR aircraft to drag your 30 year old cockpit into the 21st century.

Radio replacements, electronic engine displays and conversions from VFR to IFR are all frequently performed.

Structural repairs

Cracks and corrosion are all too common events with the average age of the aircraft on the Australian register as high as it is. Structural repairs to pressurised fusleage frames, wing spars, tailplanes etc are very common with many occurances not considered by the manufacturer in their original maintenance and structural repair data that is frequently decades old.

The 5000+ repair schemes developed and approved over the last decade cover all areas of aircraft structure and aircraft types; from minor repairs to a motor glider through to major spar damage to Part 25 aircraft.

Survey equipment installation

With an extensive survey industry based in Perth, there is a great deal of installation of camera, LIDAR, mag-spec and graviometer equipment performed in a fleet that varies enormously in aircraft types and sizes.

Special Mission installations

Complex surveillance equipment installations requiring multiple sensors, real-time air-ground data links, multiple crew stations and integration with existing power and avionics systems have been performed for various state and federal government agencies.

Other specialised role equipment installations performed also include surveillance/monitoring equipment for fire and emergency services, power pole location surveying and power line cleaning equipment for helicopters.

Maintenance data

We can provide maintenance data that either the Client may request or the regulations may require for modifications or repairs performed to aircraft. This can vary from simple ICA data provided with all our  approvals through to IPC amendments.

Flight Manual supplements

We can approve flight manual supplements for any equipment we install or midifications we make to an aircraft. These are done to match the size and format as fars as is possible of the existing aircraft approved flight manual.