Aviation Consulting

CASR 21K (APMA) Approvals

We have extensive experience in preparing the Quality Management Systems for manufacture in accordance with CASR21K. We can provide a complete end-to-end service rather than simply meeting the engineering requirements of 21K.

CAR 30 Maintenance Organisation Approvals

We have extensive experience in developing CAR30 maintenance organisation quality systems and preparation of the required manuals. Many companies around Australia are using our maintenance systems which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client.

The change to Part 145 requirements requires a substantial effort by most organisations to upgrade their QA systems. Having had some substantial experience in working within the EASA regulatory system – we have a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of EASA Part 21 Subparts G and J – we are working on the foundation of a QMS that meets Part 145 requirements which can be adapted to any maintenance organisation’s specific requirements.

We are also able to offer management services on an as-required basis to assist in reducing the cost of operating under the Part 145 regime for smaller (i.e. typ less than 6-8 staff) maintenance organisations.

Aviation Safety Consulting

Wally Thomson has extensive experience in providing safety advice in a number of areas related to maintenance practices and management, and aircraft equipment and systems.

Aircraft Selection

It can be a challenging task to match the right aircraft type to a particular role. This is especially complicated for survey mission requirements where many issues need to be considered:

  • Econometrics of operation;
  • Type maintenance characteristics and fleet service history;
  • Suitability for required role modifications;
  • Availablity of compatible/required STCs;
  • TC holder support availability;
  • Additional modificiation requirements such as extra fuel, performance or avionics upgrades to meet the role requirement

Within our group we have all the required expertise to manage the characterisation and selection of a suitable platform to meet your requirements.