Our People

Duncan Cartwright

Design Engineer, 10 years experience

Jace Collingridge

Design Engineer, 5 years experience

Steve Corboy

Senior Design Engineer, 20+yrs experience

Matthew Edwards

Electrical Design Engineer, 3yrs experience

Andrew Forbes

Programme manager, nearly 30 years design, stress and programme mgt experience

Torsten Giese

Design Engineer, 10+ years experience

Bruce Hair

Test Pilot, 40+ years experience

Brian Hayes

Design Engineer, 10+ years experience

Wade Langford

Compliance Verification Engineer, 20 years experience

Kevin Niven

Production Manager with decades of design experience

James Ross

Project Engineer, nearly 30 years experience

Wally Thomson

Thomson Design CEO, 40+ years experience

Mike von Bertouch

InnovAero CEO, nearly 30 years experience

Patrick Walton

Systems Engineer

Devon Wynne

Quality Manager, 20yrs experience as LAME and quality management