CAR Part 33 weight control authority

Covers both weighing aircraft using our own jack and platform scales up to approx 10,000kg gross weight.

CASR Part 21 M Authority Summary

Note that some limitations apply to the specialties noted below

Specialty Fixed Wing Rotary Wing
Part 23 Normal Part 25 Transport Part 27 Normal Part 29 Transport
Structures X X X X
System & Equipment (Mechanical) X X X X
System & Equipment (Electrical) X X X X
System & Equipment (Instrument) X X X X
System & Equipment (Radio) X X X X
Flight Analyst X X X X
Engines X    

CASR21G Production Certificate

Very broad scope of approval covering:

  • machined parts
  • sheetmetal parts
  • composite parts – wet layup
  • composite parts – prepreg cure
  • electrical assemblies incl PCBs
  • cable and harness assemblies
  • control cables

CASR21K Parts Manufacturing Authority

Manufacture of STC’d parts under both CASA and FAA approvals

CAR30 Component Overhaul Approval

Component overhaul approval for aircraft role equipment and systems

EASA 21J approval

Available with our UK DOA partner.

Other regional approvals

We have also obtained approvals for modifications and repairs performed in Australia where the State of Registration for the aircraft is Canada (TCCA), United States of America (FAA), Indonesia (DGCA), Papua New Guniea (CASA PNG), Malaysia (DCA) and India (DGCA).